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US consumer life insurance trends 2020

We're excited to share findings from research that iptiQ by Swiss Re has sponsored with Insurtech Insights. Based on a survey of 1,000 US consumers, this whitepaper compares the attitudes, motivations and behaviors of those who:

  • Took out their policies in the last three years,
  • With those who bought them between three and 10 years ago;
  • And those who took out their life insurance before 2010.

This research indicates that new consumer habits formed now, may become the new normal, permanently changing what consumers value, and how and where they shop. By understanding the changes that are happening now, we're sharing insights of what insurance businesses should do to start preparing today.

The hot word in the industry is 'co-creation'—carriers and platforms coming together to create new possibilities. No one company can do it all. We're going to have to co-create.

- Phil Walker, CEO, iptiQ Americas

- Phil Walker, CEO, iptiQ Americas

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